Company history

1970 -1972

“Russian geological expedition conducted the exploration for the “Career” LLC’s sand and gravel deposit in the 3rd bag territory in Darkhan-Uul province. The deposit is 1 km wide, 7 km long and 80 meters deep.

1977 -1984

First products were supplied to the “SOT”-1 central batch plant and construction industrial complexes through dredge extraction.

1984 -1996

Facility extension was constructed with the help of former Soviet Union and gained the production capacity of 600.000 m2 per year. 2 dredges are fully operational and 1,500,000 m3 of sand and gravels with the size of 0.1-100 mm are classified in numerous fracture sizes. The products were constantly distributed to the construction companies of 3rd and 4th districts in Ulaanbaatar city, and Darkhan Uul, Orkhon, Baganuur and Khutul villages.

1996 -2012

The company’s name was changed into “Tushig Uul” LLC with 250 employees. The main stock of 30 million USD, trading capital of 4.5 million USD are estimated. With over 60% of its operating capacity we paid the tax of 0.7 million USD to government.  We are the reliable partner of our customers, won three gold medals of quality and professionally certified of Asian association of quality standards. We fully procured our products to the Narnii Zam road construction project performed by Japanese government and to the Chinggis khan International Airport Project of German aid. We also distributed our sand and gravel products to Central Tower construction project and road construction projects for Oyu Tolgoi, Trade and Development bank, Unur district of Nomin construction, Tedment construction, American Denj village, Mobicom construction building and the road construction project between Darkhan and Erdenet cities.

Since 2012

In 2012, we constructed new automated industrial facility using the technology which is internationally certified by ISO9001 from Busan, Korea. High quality standard BM100-600 cement mix is being produced through MNS-392-98 standard and is being distributed to the best construction companies in Mongolia.