Batch plant
Batch plant

In 2012, we constructed new automated industrial facility using the technology which is internationally certified by ISO9001 from Busan, Korea. High quality standard BM100-600 cement mix is being produced through MNS-392-98 standard and distributed to the best construction companies in Mongolia. Pineal sits are distributed to the customers on time according to the customers’ request and weather conditions.  

Batch plant production capacity is 120 cubic meters per hour and 1,200 cubic meters per day. There are 10 mixers operating and has the 8 cubic meters of carrying capacity. We have 1 basement pump and 3 cement pump with 37, 44, and 52 meters long tips which are capable of working at 12 story building. Batch plant is operating for the customers to enable their private property as valuable as they needed and the generation for hundreds of years. Warranty is considered to be stable for 9-12 magnitudes of seismic activity. 

Internationally qualified screened sand and classified gravels are transported by railway from our quarry at Darkhan Uul province and these are processed at crushing plant in Baruun Kharaa according to the expected standards. These gravels are used in the batch plant. Other supplementary products used in concrete production are imported from abroad and which keeps concrete quality always good.


Quarry processing

Quarry is located in Bayangol soum (known as “Baruunkharaa”) of Selenge porovince. Because of the rock hardness type is greater than 1200 and SiOcontent is above 60%, it meets the international standard of 200-600 type concrete filling materials. 1,000,000 cubic meters of high weight tolerant steel concretes are being processed for railway concrete, ballast and high concrete mix. The process facility was technology updated in 2013 introducing Korean gravel production technology and preparation work is being carried out to follow the euro standard ISO9001, ISO14000.