Main raw materials are being transported from quarry by railway and rocks are being tested in our laboratory. Special permit is given to us from construction department and authorized with product requirement certificate by the corporation of Construction and architecture.

Good product depends from raw materials; therefore, we pay a good attention beforehand and test the materials accurately. After the production we also make test of other related analysis through accepted standards.

Besides the laboratory test, following tests are made:

1. Cement 
– 3.28 days pressing stability
- 3.28 days bending strength
- Start and end time of adhesiveness
- Appropriate water for normal concentration
- Sand remainder on 0.08 mm screen
2. Supplement 
– Density
3. Sand and gravel
- Density
- Particle component
- Dust
4. Concrete
- Conical base
- Air content
- Temperature
- 1, 3, 7, 28 days of hardness strength